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war crimes of the Habsburg army.

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Geregistreerd op: 11-6-2007
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BerichtGeplaatst: 14 Aug 2016 20:52    Onderwerp: war crimes of the Habsburg army. Reageer met quote

The war crimes of the Habsburg army. Between soldateska and court martial.

Driven by resentment and suspicions of spying, the Habsburg army persecuted parts of its own population as the Ďenemy withiní. Yet many thousands of civilians fell victim to the soldiersí acts of atrocity during the military invasion, too. Besides the war crimes of the marauding troops, the Habsburg military courts also distinguished themselves with an inglorious Ďefficiencyí.

There was intense resentment on the part of the Austro-Hungarian army towards the ethnical-religious minorities within their own state, as well as towards civilians in the occupied territories. This led to excessive distrust of certain segments of the population, who were under general suspicion of untrustworthiness, espionage and collaboration with the enemy. The acts of violence committed by the Habsburg army were aimed in particular at the Jewish, Polish and Ruthenian population in the Bukovina, Galicia and the occupied Russian regions, as well as against the Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosnian population in the conquered areas in the Balkans. According to historian Anton Holzer, the excesses were "[...] arranged and planned at the highest level. They included hostage-taking and hostage-shootings, massed deportation, incarceration and forced labour Ė and [...] mass executions. The violent politics of the military was accompanied by further violent excesses that were in part tolerated, in part left unpunished: rape, looting, arbitrary killings and the destruction of houses."

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