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Monte Cengio en Forte Corbin.

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BerichtGeplaatst: 27 Mei 2012 21:56    Onderwerp: Monte Cengio en Forte Corbin. Reageer met quote

The Strafexpedition.
The Punitive Expedition.

It was a mighty Austro-Hungarian army's offensive against the Italian army, which, until then, had conducted eleven (bloody and unproductive) offensives on the Isonzo front.
It was named "Strafexpediton", to punish the Italians of the turnaround. They were in fact allies (Triple Alliance) with Germans and Austrians, but after a period of no-war, a conflict already began, they allied with the English and French.

In the night between 14 and 15 May 1916, a heavy bombing stage was Strafexpedition or "Punitive Expedition", the great offensive on the plateaus of Trentino that the Austro-Hungarian command planned for over a year.
The Italian army, surprised lines of mostly offensive was repulsed all along the seventy miles, and invested from the Eleventh and Third Austro-Hungarian Army.
The folding Italian clung to some of the cornerstones areas, as the Pasubio and Passo Buole, also known as the "Thermopylae of Italy".
The breakthrough began in crisis around the defensive system, allowing the Austrians to occupy Asiago and Arsiero.
In those days the Italian troops were preparing a new defensive line back from the eleventh, in the field of Monte Cengio, was developed between the tip Corbin and Mount Lemerle, east of the country Cesuna.
Initially, the entire sector was defended by only one brigade: The "Grenadiers of Sardinia".
On 28 May 1916, after a brief resistance because of the few troops available, the fort Corbin was lost (which was absurdly disarmed of his guns).
On May 29, failure of the repeated Italians counter attacks, to regain the fort, began the fighting for the upstream Cengio.
The grenadiers of Cengio, reinforced by other departments gathered at the beautiful and good and partly disbanded after the failed counterattack at Corbin, resisted until the morning of June 3 when, after a furious melee in the trenches and tunnels, run out of ammunition, last survivors retreated to Rogue Valley.

"Quote 1152, Cesuna Asiago, 31 May-3 June 1916.

in the bloodiest phase of the Battle of Monte-Cengio Cesuna.
The Grenadiers are almost completely surrounded, the ammunition scarce, there are no adjacent units in a position to intervene to help. The Grenadiers counterattack with bayonets, rifles as clubs seek, throw stones, and engage in furious combat, rather than be taken prisoner, clinging closer to the Austrian and rush from the spur that will be called "The Leap of Grenadier "."

Lost the top, the entire defensive line was now clinging to the edge of the southern basin of Asiago; last bulwark against the spread of the Austro-Hungarian troops in the plain Vicentina.
But the stubborn defense to the last of the grenadiers and infantry brigades "Liguria and Catanzaro" throughout this area, allowed the Italian army to gain time, to flow by reinforcements from the Isonzo, from the rest of Italy and even Libya and Albania.
After June 6 the Austrian offensive began to lose strength, and for the difficulty of supplying the troops too advanced, for what counters sie Italians, increasingly urgent and effective.
The Monte Cengio and the Fort Corbin returned so under Italian control, becoming part of the defensive line.
The field of Cengio was powerfully fortified, becoming one of the cornerstones of the Asiago Plateau front, and remained in Italian hands until the end of the war.
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